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Therapeutic & Healing Massage in a Nurturing Space

Bodywise Massage, Inc.




Bodywise Massage, Inc provides therapeutic and healing massage in a nurturing space. Experience transformative massage by choosing one of many modalities. Find yourself immersed in knowledgable body work, intuitive touch, and a deep wisdom that occurs between you and your practitioner.

Our intention is to meet you where you are. We aim to find you at that place, offering skillful massage, in order that your body finds healing and transformation within itself.

We believe targeted modalities (or ‘styles’) allow you to understand the nuances of your body. Every day and every person is different. By feeling how the different modalities affect different muscles, body systems, emotions, and function of movement, we hope you begin to consider yourself a “massage connoisseur” - try all the modalities!

We offer the following services:



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“Qi, Mana, Prana, Ki, Ruach. Energy: 
Touch is sustaining, generating, transmuting and connecting.”